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blackmores thailand

Dear Mr. Robert Tyrrell Thank you for choose Blackmores. Normally, Blackmore Multivitamin and Mineral supplement is available in most drug store but in case you can't find it, we recommend to find at Boots or Watson store because they have a lot of stock for vitamin. We are so sorry to apologize for online buying because this product is not available for official online selling. Best regards Blackmores

Biotin H Plus is a combination of essential nutrients for maintenance of normal hair Which contains supplement for helping cycle of hair growth include hair root keratin and silica in the hair. So, Biotin H Plus is may be help for maintenance of normal hair Biotin H Plus is available in pharmacy store such as Boots, Watson in department store.

Thank you for you choose Blackmores It's ok and safe that you will take Bio Zinc with Vit C and Vit E. Normally, Zinc will help the acne problems by reduce sebum activity to release excess oil and anti inflammation effect. You can take zinc 1 tabs after meal twice daily.

Thank you for your question. Normally, Capsules are made from bovine gelatin.

Thank you for your question Normally, The best way to get healthy are take a healthy food, Exercise, Sleep well and etc but sometime they can't do well so supplements are the other choice to help them get more healthy. When they take foods, they can take vitamin and mineral from food. Supplements have the role to fulfill to make sure that they will not deficiency from essential vitamin and minerals. Best regards

you can take products that contain Kelp which contain iodine inside such as Biotin H+ , 9 plus calcium , meta pro