Ever-ready with strong immunity

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Your immune system is always in action battling against germs that would otherwise make you weak, weary or even sick.

Signs that your immune system needs a boost.
1. You feel tired, drowsy and easily worn out.
2. You are unable to recover from sickness such as a common cold.
3. You have a sore throat, a result of weakened immune system and a sign of other infections

Ever-ready with strong immunity

Boost your immune the natural way
• Vitamin C
Vitamin C is part of our immune system and an antioxidant. Supplement of vitamin C can strengthen your immune system and protects you from free-radical damage.
• Vitamin A
Vitamin A helps maintaining healthy epithelial cells which is a key to prevention of infections. Multiple infections may weaken these cells.
• Vitamin E
Like vitamin C, it is a powerful antioxidant.
• Zinc
Zinc improves and coordinates the immune system.
• Echinacea
Good for the immune system
• Green chiretta
Alleviates severity of a common cold. Herbal remedy for the improvement of the immune system.
• Probiotics
Maintains the microorganism balance in the intestinal tract. Imbalance of which lowers your immunity.

Ever-ready with strong immunity

What lifestyle is not disruptive to your immunity
• Food
Nutritious food is key to boost your immune system. Vegetables, fruits, unpolished grains, lean meat and good cholesterol provide vitamins and minerals essential to the improvement of the immune system.
• Sleep
Sleeping is the best way to recover your body and restore your energy. Sleep deprivation is detrimental to the immune system. A good night’s sleep is thus helps boost and maintain your immune system.
• Dietary supplement
There is not enough time in a day to consume enough vitamin the body needs from food so you may need vitamin supplements to maintain sufficient level of vitamin in your body.
• Exercise
Exercise enhances your immune system by stimulating all cells in your body which makes these cells stronger and more efficient.

For maintenance of good health and strong immune system, natural vitamin and mineral should not be overlooked. Echinacea extract can enhance the immune system and increase the production of white blood cells, our guards against bacteria.

blackmores thailand blackmores thailand blackmores thailand
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