Just a sore throat?

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It is common to have a headache, temperature, runny nose, cough and sore throat when you get sick. A sore throat is a common symptom to a common cold and the flu and it signals that you are not well. Jodie Van Dike, a naturopath linked sore throat to sickness by explaining that it is the sign that you are getting sick which may be caused by a number of diseases such as common cold, the flu, viral infections, tonsillitis or chronic fatigue.

• Why does it sore?
At the back of your throat, tonsils act as filters, trapping germs, bacteria or virus that could otherwise enter your body through your airways. And in fighting away infections, sometimes these tonsils become inflamed, swell and irritated and show signs of infection which are a sore in the throat and coughing.

sore throat

• Chronic sore throat
A prolonged inflammation or sore throat may signify that the immune system is battling against germs. From a naturopath point of view, individuals suffering from a sore throat or chronic inflammatory in the throat also suffer from fatigue for needing to rest in order to improve the immune system.

• Chronic tonsillitis
Tonsillitis is considered to be more serious than a common sore throat because it is caused by infection and inflammation in the throat. The infection can be bacterial or viral but can either cause a lot of pain because of the swelling of the tonsils which may also affect the ability to swallow and talk.

• Enhance your immune system by taking enough rest
Getting enough sleep makes you feel refreshing and energizing and it is also essential to the recovery of the body. Taking enough rest is thus crucial to maintaining good health. Intake of vitamin C together with antibiotic herbal extract is another choice to relieve your sore throat and coughing.

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