Liver loving tips for febfast

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Taking some time off alcohol for febfast? Why not treat your liver to some additional support to leave you feeling even more fabulous. By Kathryn Terrill.

So, you’ve taken the plunge – you are going to do febfast. Three words – good…on…you. Not only are you doing yourself a big favour, but you are also supporting vulnerable young people and families in need. You deserve to feel great about yourself.

Arguably, the most appreciative of your efforts, however, will be your own liver, so why not give it some additional love throughout the abstinence process?

liver loving tips for febfast

There are a number of ways in which to do this, including diet, herbal medicines, and nutritional supplements. Check out these liver-loving tips to get you underway.

1. Take zinc –Zinc is an important mineral for alcohol detoxification, so it’s a good time to top up with valuable nutrients.

2. Give yourself some herbal support – milk thistle may help to provide a protective benefit against the effects of alcohol on the liver, and may support the repair of liver cells after liver damage. Globe artichoke may help to improve blood flow to the liver and also assist in liver regeneration.

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